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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Reliable Garage Door Springs Replacement Services

Are your garage springs broken or under extreme tension? If yes then you need to change them on your priority. The most complicated and risky fix is to replace garage door springs. It is much faster to hire a professional to repair damaged springs in the State of Ohio.

First Solution provides you with experts having top skills in repairing doors with years of experience in the market. Let’s secure your garage door springs and make your living area secure!

When your Garage Door Springs Need Replacement?

If you open or close the door and it works improperly, it means the door spring is broken or works out. To make your door properly functional, contact us today and enjoy a happy door! Sometimes when you do snap or pop, the garage door produces a strange noise, which means the garage door’s spring is malfunctioning.

Inspection of springs is important to check the signs of wear, such as rust, fraying, or gaps. If you have any sing, it means replacement is needed. Our experts are here to provide your professional garage door spring replacement services. So, alleviate your stress and make a call to book your first order with us!

Different Types of Springs for Your Garage Door

There are various types of springs that we use in garage doors, each catering to different door styles and brands. Its three main types are :

Tension Springs

These are mostly used in roll-up garage doors. These torsion springs, along with a manual or automatic opener, help lift the door.

Extension Springs

One-piece garage doors utilize extension springs to facilitate easier lifting. These doors typically have one or two extension springs on each side, with a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years for the two or four springs.

TorqueMaster by Wayne Dalton

New homes use the TorqueMaster spring system. These operate with one or two springs inside the shaft, lasting five to 10 years. Due to their relatively short lifespan, Door Pros offers the option to convert to a traditional torsion spring system for increased longevity.

Our Garage Door Springs Replacement Services

Our skilled team members begin with an inspection of your garage door springs to assess the extent of the damage. After inspection, we select high-quality and durable springs as replacements.

Well-trained technicians install springs and make sure that the new springs are aligned correctly for smooth and balanced door movement. Safety is our top priority. After replacement, we conduct thorough safety checks to ensure your garage door operates securely, minimizing any potential hazards.

Don’t let a malfunctioning garage door spring disrupt your routine. Trust us to restore your garage door to optimal functionality and make a call!

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